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: Blu-ray consortium embraces…

Blu-ray consortium embraces Walt Disney

Format wars continue

The format battle between HDTV and Blu-ray took a further twist as those in the latter camp hailed the Walt Disney Company (Buena Vista) as a member.

The Blu-ray Disc Association said that Disney will start releasing content in the format when the hardware starts shipping in the United States and Japan.

Last week, the Toshiba backed HDTV association claimed several film makers were backing its alternative format.

However, the Walt Disney announcement is “non exclusive”, meaning that it, like other film giants, are no doubt hedging their bets to see which horse wins the latest format wars.

Samsung, a big manufacturer, has its feet in both camps, a bit like the film companies. That way it hopes it can’t lose, so it’s not like a horse race with two nags where betting on both usually means you don’t collect.

Blue-ray has support from Hewlett Packard. Its optical storage lady, Maureen Weber, said: “We are excited to be able to draw from their [Buena Vista’s] vast and entertaining portfolio of content”.

Holy Bambi! µ

Source the Inquirer

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