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HDFury Integral Updated, User Manual, new Firmware and GUI

Integral User Manual Updated, New FW049025 and GUI1.6 available

HDFury Integral Updated, User Manual, new Firmware and GUI

We have updated the Integral User Manual, some more information in it but especially we have described the firmware update process step by step and each GUI features are described individually as well.

Make sure you do not miss the latest Integral FW 049025 update and the brand new USB GUI 1.6 for Windows computer (Work from XP to Win10).
Integral FW Update and GUI 1.6 are available from the Download Tab

What's new in and GUI 1.6:

Take Care:

The Default CUSTOM EDID is 4K30 4:4:4 after update (instead of 4K60 4:2:0 previously). We did that to allow 4K30 display owners to also have a picture out of the box.
If the previous custom EDID was perfect for your setup, you can use it or any other by simply selecting it from the GUI dropdown list in EDID TAB.
By default ARC is OFF and Integral is now registered on CEC network as a Video Processor (CEC ID#14), in order to use Integral for ARC, please use the GUI and select "Audio System" (CEC ID#05)
If you have an AVR that you are using for CEC or ARC, then the default settings after update should be just fine.

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