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: HUMAX DTT-5000 Vs. DTT-4000

HUMAX DTT-5000 Vs. DTT-4000

1-1 (tie)

Essentially they took the chassis of the CI-5100X and mounted inside the DTT-4000, results in the DTT-5000, to stack the good old satellite.

Display DTT-4000


Display DTT-5000


Side by side

Both receivers, are in silver color, with plastic front, the size rather bulky 370 x 68 x 280mm, perfectly in line with the previous generation satellite. Aesthetically they are very similar, the DTT-4000 is a bit 'rounded, while the DTT-5000 is perfectly identical to the satellite decoder CI-5100X.

ATM Card DTT-4000 Both have the door to the smart card on the right and the left display with four buttons arranged horizontally to the main functions: standby, tv / radio, ch-, ch +. The DTT-5000 has a glass slide smaller and arranged at the top, while the DTT-4000 is more symmetrical with the keys at the center of the slide.

Also on the back is no difference: connections for the antenna (in/out), modem, 2 Scart (TV/VCR), 3 RCA outputs, serial port, optical output and switch (useful in case of blocking of the software).

Packaging of both are: the remote control also silver (pictured below), a scart cable (in satellite decoders was not there), the batteries for the remote control, a telephone cable plug plug-and finally the manual (also in Italian).

A look inside

After all these similarities, it is natural to open another into the receivers to observe the inside, in fact, at first glance is soon discovers that within the DTT-5000 is installed on the mainboard (motherboard) of the DTT-4000 whose acronym is readable in large letters.

Inside DTT-5000

Now unveiled the mystery of the two models, it would be useless to look for differences (other than aesthetic ones), so I will analyze below the DTT-4000 assuming that the above will also apply to the DTT-5000.

Inside DTT-4000 Without being great experts, the first comment you would naturally is "why leave so much space?", Might reduce its size, but perhaps have preferred to keep sull'standard width of 37cm in line with the 5x00 series of the past.

On the left (photo) lies the classic power of HUMAX, the center and the motherboard in the bottom right a separate module for the slot for the smart card, clearly installed conversely forcing the insertion of the card with the contacts to the ' high.

Heart HUMAX DTT-4000 Going into details, to the left is the memories, 4 chip of Samsung K4S281632F which according to the manufacturer are 2M x 16bit x 4 banks SDRAM. The first inconsistency is that the specification of the DTT-4000 the amount of graphics memory and system corresponds (64 MBytes), while for the DTT-5000 memory 16 MBytes is declared, when in fact it is the same as the DTT-4000.

At the center of the heart of the system, a RISC microprocessor of Conexant 32-bit, the CX22490 with various features, such as: Video Decoder MPEG-2 MP @ ML, Audio Decoder mpeg-1 / mpeg-2 and Dolby Digital, De-Multiplexer DVB, DVB decoder, etc.

On the right, a single Flash memory of Intel , the TE28F640 64Mbit (4Mbit x 16, or 8Mbyte). Second incongruity: the specifications of the DTT-4000 match, while 2 MBytes declared by the DTT-5000, are actually 8 MBytes as for the DTT-4000.

The use of daily

At power at the breaker, it loads the Loader a2.03 and then the software.

... come back soon, soon the sequel

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