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: Immerse yourself in music…

Immerse yourself in music with Karma

Immerse yourself in music with Karma

Karma is an importer of Italian products "Sound & Vision" (amplifier, speakers, PA system, microphones, mixer deejay, headphones, disco lights, wiring accessories and support), which operates both nationally and internationally for many years and consists of passionate people and professionals.

Founded in 1984 thanks to the current President Enrico Borri, personalities from the great innovative spirit and passion for his work, in a short time has managed to spread the brand in five countries of Europe and develop a wide range of products that has passed from a few tens to a few thousand articles in these 25 years.

Thanks to the commitment of all its managers and employees, Karma Italian continues to have as its first objective to meet the needs of the market with innovative products and high quality, while continuing to maintain a relationship of friendship and esteem with its customers, thanks to the expertise of its staff following them and advises them in all stages of the purchase, from advice on choosing the article support for the resolution of any problems, just like the Overload Home Entertainment which devotes a ' whole area of its site to this brand.

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