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Media player, 4K 3D, DAC Sabre, Output sonoro XLR. Dual Boot

A Jukebox for Music & Movie Lovers

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO
A-500 PRO


Signals in the real world are analog: light, sound, you name it. However, we often keep our music in digital format such as loss-less FLAC and DSD.

Turning the audio from little one and zero into continuous set of waves might break the bank!

When we couldn't find a product that fits that bill, we set out to build ourselves!

To maximize the sound to its full potential in high fidelity for the best auditory experience, we decided to use best in class ESS SABRE³² Audio DAC, ES9018K2M - a truer representation of actual sound.


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More Details

A Great Media Player with Great Analog Sound!

We think that you are going to love this idea. That’s why we are here – at Kickstarter, together with you, to make our dream comes true. With your help, we can deliver you this amazing Networked Media Jukebox that can boast greater detail and texture of the original performance. We believe that you’ll surely enjoy playing it for decades. We’re absolutely thrilled to be here and we hope that you’ll join us by pledging us!

At CLOUD MEDIA, we have always had a passion for visual experience. When we press play and watch our movie, we enable ourselves to be taken away to a place that transcends reality. Our senses are the most fascinating abilities we hold that they allow us to experience new and exciting pleasures. Over the course of the past decade, we have been striving to provide the best of the best visual technology to our audiences.

SO Why would we need multiple devices when we can have all in one?

To merge high fidelity stereo audio for music and visual stunning media player into one – sounds like a plan!

VOILA! A versatile Networked Media Jukebox that could deliver astounding sound for music-listening and superior video quality for movie!

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO is a Networked Media Jukebox designed by and for MUSIC and MOVIE lovers.

The Glory of Superior Analog Sound

Sound accounts fifty percent of our auditory experience. That’s why our audio DAC is every bit as important as the resolution on our TV.

We want to synthesize good sound and together with you, we enjoy this greatest treasure in the world – The Sound of Music.

The sound that is full, warm, and airy - with best in class ESS SABRE³² Audio DAC, ES9018K2M. With ESS patented 32-bit Hyper-Stream TM DAC architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator technology, the SABRE³² Reference Stereo DAC delivers unprecedented DNR (Dynamic Range) of up to 135dB and THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise) of -120dB, the industry’s highest performance level that will satisfy the most demanding audio enthusiasts.

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO Audio DAC

Our goal at Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO is to develop an output stage that is vibrant, great in resolution, better top-end extension and openness, greater bottom-end weight and control, and explosive dynamics with a clarity or ultralow distortion and transparency thereby it will weld your bottom end to the listening chair.

With reliability, consistency and accessibility in mind, our hardware engineers delicately design the analog circuit of the signal path for the outputs to convey the best possible impression, acoustically.

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO PCB

Variations are always one of our top priorities! Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO is designed with discerning audiophile taste in mind! We’ve made even further sonic strides!

With three analog outputs –

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO Analog Outputs

Analog Audio Diagram

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO Audio Diagram

This is the world first media player with XLR analog output! COOL!

Complement XLR in media player is a simple idea, but we believe it can impact the world in a BIG way. This is a new start up, that’s why we need your help. All it takes right now is a PLEDGE on Kickstarter!

WELL, WE know how annoying staring at fizzle display for hours! To ensure we all can enjoy an immersive cinematic experience, we have made the new Sigma SMP8758, 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 Dual Core and VXP the part and parcel of Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO.

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO 4K

SMP8758 SoC from Sigma Designs supports Ultra HD 4K resolution using HEVC (H.265) compression technology. We designed Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO with 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 Dual core for 3D acceleration, flexible communication interfaces and robust display solutions. Good speed and transient response for immediacy or snap of live are all we ever needed! Satisfaction assurance on visual experience through the integration of VXP video processing for the best in class display! No worries!

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO VXP comparison

Pledge now to make Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO comes alive and watch your favorite shows like a boss with Popcorn A-500 PRO that gives you a fine detail, greater texture an almost photographic emulsion of smoothness image clarity with 4K Ultra HD Display.

All we need is a HDD Docking Tray!

We understand that recent years, users have expanded their needs to store video and music files locally. Therefore, we’ve built in easy-slide HDD tray for hard-drive transportation.

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO Docking Tray

We can now plug our hard disk straight into the docking tray and benefit from a quick and easy means to connect and read data NOW!

Simple Design, Intense Content

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO Simple Design

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO employs fanless passive cooling strategies for a quiet and low energy consumption performance. Build with a passively-cooled, brushed aluminum chassis, Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO is a stylistic design with tangible first class surfaces!

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO Aluminium heatsink

Impressive hardware is only half of an equation. A good user interface (UI) is the other half. Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO is designed with optimum performance in mind – as friendly and playful as it is easy and effective to use.

Movie Jukebox and Music Home Screen

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO Music Home Screen

We want you to be more invested in what you are listening!

Without having to turn on our TV, we can now take our audio content and play them back from our mobile app!

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO mobile app

Hey! One more thing! Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO is designed with dual-boot concept. We can now boot into Android to enjoy applications from Android ecosystem.

Popcorn Hour A-400 PRO Dual-Boot Linux OS / android

Technical Specs

Popcorn Hour A-500 PRO Technical Specs


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