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Cable RGBHV + switch High Definition

Tasker TSK 1065
TSK 1065


  • 5 mini-coaxial cables 75Ω OFC, double shielding, diameter 2,9mm
    (Colors: black, white, red, green, blue)
  • 5-wire 24 AWG OFC
  • Outer shield: aluminum + hose
  • Sheath of blue-night, outer diameter 10,3mm

8,06 €uro

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Warranty 2 years

Code Feat. Finish Availability Price Quantity
TSK 1065   Blu Night Blu Night to be ordered in 2 days to be ordered in 2 days 10,19 -21% 8,06

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More Details

Special video cable with double shielding in tinned copper braid and aluminum tape is that the total external mini-coaxial (for a total of four shields).

The special construction of mini-coax, with dual screens and increased dielectric, allows this cable to have a better attenuation and lower losses in video transmission, considering the fields of application thumbnails.

Recommended cable for transmitting high-definition video signal 75Ω Composite + RGB + Switch for video projection equipment, monitors, large screens and / or safety over medium distances.

The double outer shield makes the TSK in 1065 suitable for applications in noisy environments.

The cable can be also used for the realization of assembled cables with connectors Sub-D 15 Poli, RCA, BNC and others compatible with the total outer diameter of the cable and / or of the coaxial interior.

The cable is suitable for connection of audio / video equipment such as: cameras, projectors, monitors, video-wall, and other applications requiring No. 5 lines Video and / or audio and No. 4 switches or controls.

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