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: The remote control repeater…

The remote control repeater PowerMid

A practical and pretty to control appliances from a remote room

It seems an ordinary trinket to use as an ornament for our homes, and yet it is a technological product. With these two small pyramids, with their triangular black remember the cover of Pink Floyd, you can repeat the signal of infrared remote controls.

ebode Extender PowerMid Classic PM10C

ebode Extender PowerMid Classic PM10C

At first sight, but watching them I said ... these pyramids will light?, Yes indeed, they do that too! because by pointing the remote control and pressing buttons, lights inside a small blue LED.

They are so nice that they take home just to use them as ornaments, but let's see what they do and how do you use these two trinkets.
The most typical example is the case where we placed a TV (or monitor) in another room by connecting the video with a long cable (or with an extender) to our TV system in the main room: when we are in the room remote, although we can see the signal of one of the devices in the main room, we have no way to control them. That is, when we are away from our readers and decoder are well positioned in the room, we are not able to change the channel of Sky decoder or press "play" to start the movie we want to see. By using these repeaters remote control, we will be able , leading behind the remote controls, to repeat the signal of these and to command our devices even from a distant place tens of meters.

We start from the box

Presentation black and orange, rather flashy but small in size.

Box ebode PowerMid Classic PM10C

Inside we are well protected and ordered the two pyramids, transmitter and receiver with the two power supplies from the mains.

inner box ebode PowerMid Classic PM10C

One need not look beyond the content, as the components are very few, so let's see what it looks like to connect and use.

Using Repeaters Remote Control

As would be expected, the power supplies are very small, shaped plug of electric current, in this manner can be safely hidden together with the other plugs. According to the specifications, the working voltage is 9 volts.

Links ebode PowerMid Classic PM10C

Installation is simple. Just place the transmitter part (transmitter) in our back room (the one where we brought the video signal of the main room), close to the TV, above, beside, under ... is not important, where there like it will be fine, because work anyway. So we will place the receiving party (receiver) in the main room, near the devices to be controlled. While the transmitter can be inserted at any place, as long as can be seen from the remote control, the receiving party is slightly more sensitive to the position, because it has to simulate the remote control and must therefore be visible to all your gear.

How many more articles like this, the transmission frequency is 433.92 MHz and the rated power is 1mW. According to the manual, the transmission can reach 30 meters away in the home environment, the test has passed very well the passage of less than 2 partitions masonry without the need to lengthen the antennas.

ebode PowerMid Classic PM10C with the remote control of Sky

Thanks to a rather powerful emitter, is not as difficult position the receiving party, just think that it also works on putting the decoder sky. If the question was whether this most heinous of remote extender is compatible with the remote control of sky, the answer is yes, it works very well even with this decoder as widespread as incompatible standards.

You can find more information by consulting the board of remote control repeater ebode.

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