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Buy more aware of the decoder thanks to a label

A few days ago at the AGCOM (Authority for the Communications) met for the first time the technical committee that will deal with the classification of digital decoders for the reception of television programs by any broadcasting platform (terrestrial, satellite, IPTV) .

The Secretary General dell'Adiconsum, Pietro Giordano, speaks of it as a historic turning point for the classification, now drawn up by private bodies, it will be organized by a public body, AGCOM, which will ensure impartiality. This will allow the consumer to make a more informed choice, given that he will be indicated by a 'label with a number that will classify, what is the best decoder performance and ability to receive multi-platform, also of the inner to the TV or the loan for use.

Among the changes that we will have the technical implementation of the classification of the decoder AGCOM rely on the Ugo Bordoni Foundation (FUB), an institution that deals with research in the field of electronic communications and audiovisual and multimedia services and the database of the decoder from their classified will be available on the NRA website. Last, but not least, the fact that the classification will be dynamic, meaning they will take account of technological change. Precisely for this reason it was decided to establish a permanent technical committee composed of manufacturers, distributors, retail chains, content distributors and consumer groups.

Source Adiconsum

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