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Collaboration between e-commerce and the Italian Post Office

Collaboration between e-commerce and the Italian Post Office

The chief executive of Italian Post, Massimo Sarmi that, among other things, is an electrical engineer who was re-elected three times since May 2002, during his tenure developed a strategy to strengthen the network of post offices, made technological innovation, expanded the range of services and incentives to enter new areas of business, thus obtaining excellent results in financial terms.

The latest proposed strategy represents a real turning point in history and has been presented in recent days after an assessment of the markets and the will to do anyway, in this time of crisis, courageous decisions. This activity consists in having signed an agreement between the Italian post office and Amazon, the largest platform for e-commerce globally, for the delivery management of the whole Italian territory. Sarmi, realizing that trading online is a rapidly expanding, he thought well to take advantage of the new mobile infrastructure to increase by far their turnover by not remain passive towards electronic commerce and at the same time increase services to citizens.

With this deal you can pay on delivery and it will be the Italian Post Office to take charge of the return to sender, in the case of customer dissatisfaction, at no extra charge.

Under the agreement the Italian Post Office is expanding to bring the post office at home customers with the help of electronic postman, which among other things will "guarantor" of its economic transaction between merchant and consumer.

Delivery will be handled by 6,500 postmen through the "Italian Post for you" active in those provincial capitals and municipalities with more than 30,000 inhabitants. For the current year the service is free but next year will be a fee.

In anticipation of this, the more than 18,000 postmen Poste will be given PDAs and pos for the payment to the residence of the goods bought online.

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