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: Pioneer continues to satisfy…

Pioneer continues to satisfy music fans

Pioneer continues to satisfy music fans

The way we listen to music in a few years has definitely changed because it now no longer needs physical media, either digital or magnetic, also today feels more and more talk of liquid music, that is, that part of the music, usable by the general public, independent of any phonographic support (cd, vinyl, tape).

Fact is that music continues to be an art itself and the various composers and artists, through their language, send us indirectly messages and give us new emotions every time you perform.

It is precisely for this, to continue to enjoy as much as possible of the strong emotions that music can convey that Pioneer has thought well to launch two new network audio players, readers N-50 and N-30, designed to satisfy even the most demanding audiophiles and at the same time to meet the new needs to be able to play music files from a variety of sources and formats, including audio 192KHz / 24-bit high resolution and only Pioneer is, at the moment, able to get to these levels.

Pioneer with these two new products has tried not to disappoint all those who are true music fans and that claim by the Hi-Fi is the great illusion of living the same emotions given away by the music heard live, to feel the sweetness of a reproduced female voice, the impact of a rock concert or a large orchestra.

The two new audio systems Pioneer N-30 and N-50 Pioneer manage to recreate in their own four walls a sound event as much as possible similar to that of reality, achieving a materialization sound and a three-dimensional scene.

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