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Strategic union between Onkyo and Teac

Onkyo and Teac, the two major historical producers and Japanese Hi-Fi, each synonymous with excellence and passion for engineering, have reached an important alliance.

Strategic union between Onkyo and Teac

After the investment by Gibson, the famous manufacturer of guitars, the Japanese brand Onkyo, here is that the latter decided to create a financial and trade links with other historical brand of audio represented by Teac.

With this alliance, there is a real fusion of the two companies, in fact, both are going to acquire a share of 10 percent of shares in the other.

Their union is defined strategic because it will focus on the sharing of factories and logistics centers, joint investment in research for the development of their audio products, speranzo so to reduce costs by working together, but also trying to continue to offer consumers products increasingly innovative and valuable. In summary both companies will leverage the strengths of each other.

The agreement thus reached between Onkyo and Teac make the two brands more competitive in a market that is increasingly in with evolving this without giving up what has been until now the corporate culture of the two largest producers of hi -fi based on the concepts of creativity, respect and honesty.

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