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The Asian giants for the technology sector, Toshiba, LG Electronics and AU Optronics, reached an agreement with the American authorities to the effect that will have to pay 571 million dollars to close a controversial litigation that accuses them of......

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Collaboration that will lead to a sharing of patents and technologies in the field of hard-disk

The Western Digital, the world leader in digital storage solutions, has decided to sell some materials and intellectual property to Toshiba in exchange of the factories damaged by the tsunami that hit hard last October Thailand.
These are the......

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Strategic union between Onkyo and Teac

Onkyo and Teac, the two major historical producers and Japanese Hi-Fi, each synonymous with excellence and passion for engineering, have reached an important alliance.

After the investment by Gibson, the famous manufacturer of guitars, the Japanese brand Onkyo, here is that the latter decided to create a financial and trade links with other historical brand of audio represented by Teac.
With this alliance, there......

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The agreement, which covers the supply of digital terrestrial "LA7 Cartapiù", is reciprocity: Mediaset will broadcast the games away 5 of his teams on the fields LA7


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