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Toshiba, LG Electronics and AU Optronics reach an agreement with the authorities

The Asian giants for the technology sector, Toshiba, LG Electronics and AU Optronics, reached an agreement with the American authorities to the effect that will have to pay 571 million dollars to close a controversial litigation that accuses them of colluding to make sign and It, therefore, intentionally held the highest market prices of liquid crystal displays.

These alleged violations would have occurred over a period of time ranging from 1996 to 2006, a time when all those who bought computers, televisions or other electronic products have supported higher costs.

The sum to be paid to avoid a more lengthy and cumbersome legal process and to contain the scandal media, will be divided as follows: $ 27.5 million will go to pay civil penalties for organizations of eight countries, the remaining 543,500,000 It will be divided between twenty million consumers scammed in 24 US states that have joined this class action.

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