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A few days ago at the AGCOM (Authority for the Communications) met for the first time the technical committee that will deal with the classification of digital decoders for the reception of television programs by any broadcasting platform......

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Collaboration between e-commerce and the Italian Post Office

The chief executive of Italian Post, Massimo Sarmi that, among other things, is an electrical engineer who was re-elected three times since May 2002, during his tenure developed a strategy to strengthen the network of post offices, made......

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Pioneer continues to satisfy music fans

The way we listen to music in a few years has definitely changed because it now no longer needs physical media, either digital or magnetic, also today feels more and more talk of liquid music, that is, that part of the music, usable by the general......

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IOFF-power saver energy

How to save money while respecting the environment

Not everyone knows that most of the electronic equipment in the home, even if you leave on standby, have a significant impact in the absorption of electric energy.
From a report by the Consumers Association it found that devices such as TV, VCR,......

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Shipments "frozen" for now

We can not ship because of snow, We will process orders as soon as the carriers will be able to collect parcels.


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