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Interview with Luca Balestrieri, director of Digital Terrestrial Rai

For Balestrieri, 'It must be ensured that the new entrant remove any potential problems. Rai has asked that this is the approach'


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Super Broadband: a risk vision of digital terrestrial

The advent of broadband in our country is strategic, but the costs can not be charged again on families making him pay the filters to the antennas

It is scheduled for next January, the lighting of the LTE network necessary for providing broadband services on the move.
The power of the LTE declares Pietro Giordano, Secretary General Adiconsum is a strategic step for our country, but must fully......

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Rai Way is underway Switch-K channel RAI 1 MUX

for the provinces Varese, Como, Lecco, Sondrio, Brescia and Bergamo

We hereby inform you that, according to the schedule attached to this communication, the plants Rai Way radiating the MUX 1 RAI, the multiplex that carries programs BBC1, BBC2, RAI 3 and RAI News, they will be modified as necessary with regard to......

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