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: Super Broadband: a risk…

Super Broadband: a risk vision of digital terrestrial

The advent of broadband in our country is strategic, but the costs can not be charged again on families making him pay the filters to the antennas

Super Broadband: a risk vision of digital terrestrial

It is scheduled for next January, the lighting of the LTE network necessary for providing broadband services on the move.

The power of the LTE declares Pietro Giordano, Secretary General Adiconsum is a strategic step for our country, but must fully respect and safeguard the rights of the consumer-user television.

Now it's an emergency. If not resolved the problems of interference between frequencies 800 MHz (channels 61-69 ex, now assigned to the mobile broadband) and TV, in fact, continues Giordano switching will cause problems for the reception of television channels broadcast in digital terrestrial , with the consequent dimming TV, to resolve that, in the absence of precise rules that put the cost to businesses of telecommunications, families will be forced once again to face expenses to buy the anti interference filters for their antennas, despite the many costs already incurred for the transition to digital TV.

By virtue of our experience of the first Italian consumer association to have an industry with new technologies and the experience gained as a representative within the Italian National Digital Committee, of 18 consumer associations recognized by the law in the National Council and Consumers users (CNCU) continues Giordano ask the Minister of Economic Development , Corrado Passera, to participate in the technical committee that already includes the participation of the representatives of the Ministry, telecommunications carriers of the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, of all those people that which has already Adiconsum collaborated for the switch off of analogue.

Adiconsum also asks the MISE transparent and reliable information to clarify who is to bear the costs for the filters needed to not cause blindness of television receiving antennas placed on stable? How to protect families on which the phenomenon will impact? What methods of communication will be put in place? What technical solutions will be used? To contribute to the answers, Adiconsum can not miss the Technical Board, to perform those functions and information, monitoring and promotion of ADR disputes involving consumers, that are proper.

Source Adiconsum

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