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: Rai Way is underway Switch-K…

Rai Way is underway Switch-K channel RAI 1 MUX

for the provinces Varese, Como, Lecco, Sondrio, Brescia and Bergamo

Rai Way is underway Switch-K channel RAI 1 MUX


We hereby inform you that, according to the schedule attached to this communication, the plants Rai Way radiating the MUX 1 RAI, the multiplex that carries programs BBC1, BBC2, RAI 3 and RAI News, they will be modified as necessary with regard to the channel transmission facilities. The change will take place, for plants Lombardi, during the period 12 to 27 November 2012 and will be involved only a few broadcast stations located in the provinces of Va-Co-Lc-So-Bs-Bg.
This action involves the deactivation of all these channels that transmit the switch-off mode MUX1 MFN (FEC 2/3, 1/32 GI) and the new contextual reactivation from the same transmitter on UHF channel 23 in SFN (FEC ¾, GI ¼).

We therefore take this opportunity to highlight that will remain unchanged also the two plants in the province of Bergamo, M.Rena Abandoned and San Antonio, which now transmit the MUX 1 on VHF channel E5; also those transmitted by the MUX 1 on UHF channel 23 in SFN. We hereby puts your attention that users served, installations subject to these variations, will necessarily be forced to re-tune the Televisiore and / or Cable TV; therefore we ask all those working in the affected areas, to give ample notice of the changes in the list (in some cases can not exclude the need for an adaptation of the receiver).

If you need further information please note that there is a special call center technician whose number is: 800 111 555; or, especially for makers of administrations or local authorities, as well as for aerial and other relevant stakeholders, a dedicated link on the website of Rai Way, called: send a message (located in the lower right corner of the homepage).

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