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Digital music is rising

The digital music business in recent years has been increasing markedly due to the evolution of new business horizons and including iTunes is that during the year 2011 saw the greatest increase in the market, as well as great results were also......

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Denon gives update to AirPlay forever

Denon, the famous Japanese manufacturer of tuner-amplifiers, has decided to make free (and this time for good), the promotion already made previously and valid for three months, until the end of March, which made free upgrade of Airplay Apple......

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PS3 and XBox as Apple TV

It is no longer a mirage!

For all those who own a PS3 or Xbox, to enable streaming of multimedia content from your iPhone, today is no longer just an impossible wish, as enough to provide application iMediaShare. This new App, which is easily downloadable from ' Apple Store,......

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TV 3D 4K Toshiba

a foretaste of the world video

For some time in 2012 it was defined by major manufacturers of television as a year characterized by the standard 4K, or also called Super HD, the technology in the future promises to be applied also to the world of video cameras and SLR cameras.

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Through an official press release on April 1, 2012, Toshiba Corporation and Fujitsu Limited shall make known the sale of the stake owned by Toshiba Mobile Communications, which develops and sells mobile phones for KDDI and other competitors in the......

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New HDfury Gamer2

We wanted to let you know that we released a new Gamer2 device based on HDfury2 technology.
The global phenomenon that is HDfury is now available in a brand new shape: The Gamer2 that comes in either Component(YPrBr) or VGA(RGBHV) Edition !

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