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YouTube announces HDR video support

YouTube will support the latest innovation in video — HDR or high dynamic range — Robert Kyncl, the company's chief business officer announced on Thursday at CES 2016.


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La risposta HDFury alle accuse

"progettato per... scovare gli avvocati incompetenti"

Così il team HDFury intitola l'articolo di risposta alle accuse della Warner di qualche giorno fa.
L'intera causa è errata e piena di false accuse, affermano.


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Warner Bross and Intel sue 4K Content Protection “Stripper”

Warner Bros. and Intel's daughter company Digital Content Protection have sued a hardware manufacturer that creates devices enabling consumers to bypass 4K copy protection. The devices, sold under the HDFury brand, can be used by pirates to copy 4k......

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