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The historic Japanese brand that has long dominated the TV market, seeing resized its position of supremacy, as well as announcing a cut of 60% for 2013 covering the range of TV models, it has decided to close the plant last Japanese Toshiba......

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London 2012: The best possible

The 2012 sport reach its maximum expression with the London Olympics.

The start date for this great event in London will be on July 27 and has already been defined by the organizers "total experience" because supported by new media and broadcasting, direct long and 24 commentators directly from this exciting......

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Toshiba 55xS5: remains the 4k but you give up the 3D

In June in Japan is coming a new model 55-inch TV that uses the same panel 4K model ZL2, but that no longer offers the pleasure of 3D without glasses, doing so down the price by about 20%: it is announced price of 750,000 yen (about € 7,000),......

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E-Onkyo: a new opportunity to listen to music liquid

Onkyo is launching in Japan, in his music store liquid, multichannel tracks FLAC and Dolby TrueHD.

The 'e-Onkyo music is trying to attract to itself even the most demanding users and is doing to improve the average quality of the audio files in circulation elevating it more consistently. Although, in fact, music stores liquid are growing in......

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Phenomenon back to vinyl

Pro-Ject is celebrating 20 years since his first record player

In recent years is occurring a timid return to vinyl and Pro-Ject Audio Systems continues to support twenty years from now with a production of high quality and with great passion worship the turntable, an object that made history by contributing......

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The Japanese multinational Toshiba has just filed a fiscal year (ended March 31) to be forgotten, as it saw its profit halved: closed, in fact, to 730 million euro, or 46.5% less than a year previous.
The reasons that contributed negatively are to......

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Wi-fi, new standard up to 600 Mbps

approved the IEEE Standard 802.11-2012

The current Internet connections and data requires greater bandwidth, both for a higher participation of users on the networks, both for the gradual increase of content that is increasingly demanding and require large resources (just think of the......

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