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: Toshiba: continued optimism…

Toshiba: continued optimism despite the negative fiscal year

The Japanese multinational Toshiba has just filed a fiscal year (ended March 31) to be forgotten, as it saw its profit halved: closed, in fact, to 730 million euro, or 46.5% less than a year previous.

The reasons that contributed negatively are to be found mainly in the appreciation of the yen on international markets, making, therefore, more expensive and less competitive all products manufactured in Japan, and the economic crisis that swept around the world, leading to an inevitable decrease in demand for digital products, or those that represent the set of the main activities of Toshiba.

Do not underestimate the other two factors, which have had a significant impact and have gone to aggravate this already difficult context: the earthquake that hit the rising sun at the beginning of 2011 and the floods in Thailand that have knocked out one of the production facilities of the Toshiba.

But, even though the company has already confirmed the transfer of 1,700 employees by the summer for the closure of three plants in Japan, the fiscal year just started seems to lead to a positive outcome for the business, driven by the encouraging results that Toshiba It is getting under electronic equipment and industrial systems.

The multinationals did not give up, adopting new strategies and looks forward to the coming months.

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