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: Phenomenon back to vinyl

Phenomenon back to vinyl

Pro-Ject is celebrating 20 years since his first record player

In recent years is occurring a timid return to vinyl and Pro-Ject Audio Systems continues to support twenty years from now with a production of high quality and with great passion worship the turntable, an object that made history by contributing greatly to spread music.

Phenomenon back to vinyl

The vinyl seemed dead, abandoned in the attic, considered only an object for a few enthusiasts retro fifties with a strong nostalgia for the one thing that sometimes appeared to be even a little 'too cumbersome; now he is instead returned to the fore as a valuable asset to be enjoyed both for the 'high sound quality, both for the memorable covers, true works of art.

The latest polls he is in fact found that the vinyl can now reach two types of consumers: the older ones who remember him with affection and maybe still own a turntable, and the younger ones who like to have in hand a physical copy of the disc and admire the cover.

Vinyl Pink Floyd

This phenomenon not only involves large organizations (such as the US), because even in Italy the production and sale of vinyl (reprints in particular) have significantly picked up again and with it the market for turntables that with the arrival of the CD had gone to end up in the "back burner", but audiophiles have always continued to feel it a great device, just as they have always continued to feel the vinyl over CDs and the last file internet.

Today, therefore, it is the children who seek the intrinsic beauty of the vinyl and the quality of listening and more and more come into the store to buy reprints or discs just come out and that's what led selling stereos to be driven right from 'buy turntables.

The rite of the needle that gently rests on the record groove, the soft rustle before the start of the song, and here the magic begins: all the tools enter the environment in unison and it is now filled with a sound cool, clear, with a sound quality that is unmatched. This is the world that now seemed destined to disappear, the same that is now slowly emerging through the initiative of Major Record Labels that begin to produce even vinyl.

Pro-Ject turntables

For lovers or collectors, the ideal would be to find a vintage record player still in good condition or that it is still able to be restored, but the more modern versions have nothing to envy to the classic models, rather they offer excellent quality and more benefits.

In this scenario, the Pro-Ject Audio Systems is one of those companies that has always believed in vinyl and turntables.

The Pro-Ject is, in fact, an Austrian company established in Vienna in 1990 that has always had as its primary objective to produce hi-fi with an 'exceptional sound quality at a price as low as possible, so as to be able to meet fully even demanding users such as audiophiles and managed to do so, combining classical technologies with high quality materials and an attractive design, which dispenses with superfluous and "luxury".

The Pro-Ject is currently one of the world's leading suppliers of record players with a range of models designed to meet all the desires and budget users, ensuring sonic performance beyond all expectations normally associated with that particular price.

The products of the Pro-Ject, also, are the result of exemplary collaboration as only realized in the European Union and the advantage of the "Made in Europe" compared to production in the Far East is clear:

All this combined with the ease of use of their products and a guaranteed feature of the same for a long time meant that after twenty years of work this company still manages to be one of the most important producers of turntables in the world contributing to the essential revival of analog audio.

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