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: IOFF-power saver energy

IOFF-power saver energy

How to save money while respecting the environment

IOFF-power saver energy

Not everyone knows that most of the electronic equipment in the home, even if you leave on standby, have a significant impact in the absorption of electric energy.

From a report by the Consumers Association it found that devices such as TV, VCR, cable box and DVD players, even if left in standby mode (ie off simply with remote control), can get to consume an amount of electricity they consume almost identical to that in operating mode.

It has been estimated that 20 hours a day standby consume on average 200 kWh per year, or about € 33 a year more on our bill.

As suggested by the same entity, always in defense of consumers' rights, it would be good practice to defuse this kind of "apparent sleep" of our appliances by switching them off completely when not in use, obviously with the exception of equipment that can not be turned off (eg. programmable equipment).

In addition, as evidenced by the results of a study of the British Ministry of Environment, the bad habit of leaving the lights on, it would have a very heavy impact on the environment also.

Considering the huge audience that does not use these small but important measures, it is estimated that thousands of LEDs that light up in the air involving the placing of 800 thousand tons per year of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas): it is as if each year two power labored to produce energy only for the consumption of appliances "dormant".

Help for consumers who care about the bill saving and environmental protection, they are designed devices "Save Energy" that allow you to reset the fuel consumption by automatically shutting down all devices on standby.

An interesting new accessory, for sale at our e-shop, is the ' Ioff-power, a complement that eliminates unnecessary power consumption in the period of non-use of our audio / video devices, all thanks to a system that , after a single and simple operation initial calibration of the values of stand-by, it is able to recognize the inactivity of the devices connected to it, turn them off and then reactivate the entire system only when pressing the key of any of the remote controls connected devices.

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