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: Docking-station B&W does not…

Docking-station B&W does not accept iPhone5:

the problem you can easily solve

For all those who were fascinated by the docking station and the system of streaming audio, video and photos from the Apple devices and does not want to give up the high fidelity, today the market offers models that can not be absolutely considered more of toys for music on the move, as it has managed to carve a place for it in our homes.

Docking-station B&W does not accept iPhone5:

Today the various manufacturers of audio systems offer dockstation with material models and made notable, but chief among them is always him, the now famous Air Zeppelin from B & W, the British submarine became an 'icon for dockstation, thanks to its refined and elegant design that makes it a real piece of furniture and with a sound performance certainly lives up to its appearance: it is hot, intense, balanced and full. Not least the quality that digital is at its highest.

After more than a year and a half after its release, there is no doubt, is the best sound system in compact circulation. The only drawback, found these days during the Top Audio Video Show 2012, that does not accept the new iPhone5, but suffice $ 30 adapter to overcome this minor inconvenience and, you know, for the good music you can do this and another.

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