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: Panasonic astounds at IFA 2012

Panasonic astounds at IFA 2012

As for the vision of 3D without the use of special glasses we can definitely say that it is still far from a reality, at least for TV dedicated to the mass market, but Panasonic still manages to amaze with new models.

Panasonic astounds at IFA 2012

In Berlin at the IFA 2012, it was presented by the company Japanese Panasonic equipment with a plasma display 3D "glasses free", the largest in the world. Obviously this object, intended for applications in the business, with as many as 103 inches diagonal, has a visual quality is not perfect, but the interference and the effects of "cross talk" are limited.

Panasonic has also resulted in showcase a plasma display 8K, 145-inch diagonal and a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 points (16 times the resolution of an HD panel with as many as 33 million pixels that fill the screen); TV unique, able to result in a three-dimensional "virtual" with a visual effect better than that generated by the 3D TV autostereoscopiche.

Last, but not less interesting, it is the LCD monitor Ips to 4K technology with a screen of only 20 inches, a thickness of only 3.5 mm, the ability to image resolution of 3,840 horizontal lines to vertical lines 2160 and a density of 216 dots per inch.

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