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: Firmware upgrade for X30…

Firmware upgrade for X30 CocktailAUDIO

CocktailAUDIO the X30 is the Music Server Audiophile All-In-One that revolutionizes the way you can listen to streaming music, to allow fast and its enjoyment.

The work of optimization and development of new features is endless, thanks to the helpful suggestions and wishes expressed by our users.
This means that products CocktailAUDIO are not "static", but systems are in constant evolution and development.

Today we are pleased to make available to all of our customers an important new firmware for free CocktailAUDIO X30 : the release r0067.

Many, as always, the new features, all very thick and very practical. Here are just some of them:

HD recordings from digital sources and external analog

This feature, already very popular, has been further refined through two powerful new tools:

While the first tool allows you to view and control constantly the volume level of the recording, thus avoiding any phenomenon of saturation (clipping), the second instrument is the one that allows you to record in a single session an entire facade of a LP and to perform, in a second time, and in post-editing, the division into individual tracks of the album so digitized.
Effective and accurate way to digitize in a professional and impeccable your master!

The CocktailAUDIO X30, therefore, is confirmed to be the 'only HiFi Music Server can also record from external sources (analog and digital) in Studio Master quality, that is the High Resolution, up to 24bit / 192KHz.

This way you can convert to digital, and make perpetual, your collection of LPs, tapes, reels, maintaining all the musical information they contain.

ALAC encoding

During CD Ripping, you can now choose to tag your album also in format ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec), lossless format ideal for owners of Apple devices (and not only).

Function transcoding between audio formats

Awaited feature! You have a car that can only read MP3 files and would like to listen to the songs you've already stored in X30 (maybe in FLAC or WAV formats compatible with your car radio)?
From today no problem! Now the CocktailAUDIO X30 can be exported via USB all your songs, ricodificandoli the fly in MP3 (or other formats of your choice) and making them, therefore, compatible with your car radio.

Shareplay function (compatible AirPlay)

Shareplay is a system of sharing music files designed to CocktailAUDIO, able to dialogue with the format AIRPLAY Apple.
Now you can play directly through CocktailAUDIO X30 music files stored on your Apple device, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

New web interface optimized for smartphones

Thanks to the programming language HTML5, now the CocktailAUDIO X30 has a new Web interface (Web GUI) that can adapt perfectly to the screens of the latest Smartphone and Tablet: better than an App, as faster and lighter!

Learn more 'over all other news' introduced by Firmware r0067?

These are only some of the many new features introduced in CocktailAUDIO X30 with the latest Firmware r0067!

If you already CocktailAUDIO X30, you can download this brand new free update by going to Area of the "Club CocktailAUDIO Italy", using your credentials.

Source Polaris Audio Srl

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