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: Firmware upgrade for X40…

Firmware upgrade for X40 CocktailAUDIO

It is available for download the new firmware for free upgrade Cocktail Audio X40: version R0008.

These are the new features introduced with this update, the first of which was especially requested by our customers:

  1. Added function to install the MusicDB on a network resource (such as a NAS). You can use a network attached storage (NAS) as storage for MusicDB of X40. For example, you can create your MusicDB on your PC or NAS, when connected to the same local network CocktailAUDIO X40. Now it is therefore allowed to rip CDs directly within the NAS.
  2. The authentication of Simfy was correct
  3. Now you can re-download the service also covers Amazon
  4. Now you can properly connect multiple USB devices simultaneously
  5. Solved the problem of noise from the outputs XLR Analog when he stopped
  6. Playing files in 176.4kHz or 352.8Khz happens now correctly
  7. Now you can store the iRadio stations to your favorites (FAVORITE Folder)
  8. Fixed the problem that caused the system to hang by pressing 'LYRICS'
  9. Now they can also be played AIFF files to 176.4kHz
  10. Fixed bug that prevented the CD to install FreeDB data on hard drives formatted in NTFS 4T. Eliminated the need to perform a system reboot after installing the CD data FreeDB
  11. Reorganized lists optional iRadio stations BBC Radio
  12. Other enhancements to the operating system

As always, please read carefully the "Release Notes" in PDF that are a supplement to the user manual basis and explaining in detail the new features.
You can download the release notes, along with the firmware file, from CocktailAudio Restricted Area.

Source Polaris Audio Srl

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