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4k EDID Manager, to solve most HDMI issues

HDfury Dr.HDMI 4K


Dr HDMI 4K can help to solve most HDMI issues such as handshaking issue, compatibility issue and/or any EDID related issue. It help to keep a source always ON or tricked into a defined state which is especially useful for system integrators.
Dr HDMI 4K can also boost signal integrity and extend +5v signal through a HDMI/DVI-D chain. For example, it can work hands in hands with HDfury products to extend compatibility range. It can also be used to limit the source output resolution.
Dr HDMI 4K acts as an EDID manager, HDMI/DVI-D emulator and repeater that comes with pre-defined presets, user programmable banks, Sink EDID sniffing bank, HTPC mode and more!

Highlight Features

  • Unique 18Gbps/600MHz support with 0ms latency
  • Solve Most HDMI issues !
  • Fix HDMI handshaking issue
  • EDID Manager and Detective feature
  • Easy EDID table manipulation via USB port
  • HDMI/DVI-D emulator and repeater
  • Maintain 4K, 3840×2160, 2160p video without losing sync.
  • 40 Predefined Banks (4K HDR, 4K DV, 4K HLG, 4K HDR10+, FullHD 3D, FullHD, 1080i, 720p, etc..)
  • 7 User programmable EDID Banks
  • All DV modes supported including DV mode 0, mode 1, mode 2 and LLDV
  • Sink EDID sniffing feature
  • Extend signal integrity up to 50 meters !
  • HTPC mode to avoid detection of the connected sink status
  • +5V Injector feature to power active cable
  • RS232 Control for remote administration and integrators setup
  • HDCP compliant

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Warranty 2 years

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More Details

Windows GUI

Dr.HDMI 4k Windows GUI

Technical Specs


What output power Dr.HDMI 4K can supply?
When used with a power supply connected to the USB, it will give as much as the power supply is capable.
How do you switch between Banks?
There are a total of forty (40) EDID banks inside the unit. When you press up or down button you can quickly move between any of them to select the desired one. Once you stop for a second or so, the system actually activates the selected EDID and starts the HPD (hot-plug) event. This is the event where Dr.HDMI 4K will inform the source device that EDID has changed so the source must reconfigure it’s own internal settings. This takes about 2 seconds as per standards. During this time you will not be able to change the EDID. After HPD event concludes you are free to change edid again if wanted.
If you press the copy sink button, the display’s EDID is copied and placed into the Custom EDID bank number 8 (White LED). Once it is done, HPD event is also created and completes in about 2 seconds.
How do you switch between EDID Tables?
There are a total of 5 EDID Tables inside the unit (Each table includes 8 EDID banks). Please watch below video for an easy understanding on how to select the right EDID table and then the right EDID bank for your needs.

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