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Video Processor 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz 18Gbps HDCP2.2

State of the art HDMI central for FHD source or sink in UHD/HDR setup or the other way around. Comes with OLED/OSD

HDfury Vertex


The 4K Digital Messiah that the AV World have been waiting for is finally a few clicks away from you. After two years of collecting wishes and feedback from HT hobbyists and professional content creators, we are proud to bring you this exclusive HDfury 10th Anniversary edition that is set to shake the ground of the AV scene.
Offering more than all Linker benefits and Integral advantages combined, Vertex will push any setup to its highest state of work and provide you with relevant information and possible interaction.
Instantly get and feel the HDMI supervisor power through OSD, OLED, Windows GUI, iOS/Android APP (with GoBlue) and more…
Note that it have the best 18Gbps signal integrity ever seen for a 5v device, thus ensuring seamless integration even with marginal cables that would otherwise not work with others devices for high bandwidth signals.

It is more than an AV geek device, it is crafted with a lovely passion and tailored for AV purists.

299,00 €uro

English KeySupport

Warranty 2 years

24 attached files

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Vertex   Black Black available in 5 days available in 5 days 299,00

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More Details

All setups suitability
Vertex supports any HDMI, HDCP and HDR sources or sink and operate in-between to ensure all your equipment work at their best capabilities.
AutoSetup Wizard
Think it’s complicated? Vertex can suit any user needs with ease. Simply connect sources and sink devices in the right port and add power, Vertex does the rest.
Unlock HDCP 2.2
Get all advantages from HDCP2.2 sources and keep or convert them per channel to suit any HDMI or HDCP sink.
Info is Everywhere
Whether it is on OLED, OSD, Windows GUI or via Android/iOS APP with the optional GoBlue, your setup info is always available at first sight.
Digital Doctor
Any EDID related issues, HTPC issues or HDMI/HDCP handshake, compatibility or revision issues can be solved with Vertex.
iOS & Android APP
Control Vertex using your tablet or smartphone with the optional GoBlue Bluetooth and IR dongle.
Custom configuration
Share your config with the community, display any text on OSD, set your start page, remove visually annoying or lamp consuming artifacts like TV channel logo and more.
Upscale Port
Upscaling from FHD to UHD up to 18Gbps is available to display your 1080p sources at 2160p on your native 4K display.
Downscale Port
Connect any FHD sink in any UHD setup, play 4K HDR on main stream, and feed your AVR or older display with a 1080p stream.
18Gbps Splitter
1 input replicated to 2 outputs, each individual output can be used to upscale or downscale based on your setup needs.
600 Mcsc Matrix
Vertex can process two 4K HDR signals up to 18Gbps simultaneously and apply scaling individually per channel.
Windows GUI
Access the most advanced Windows GUI we ever created, control your Vertex unit with ease and style through hundreds of options.
Lab & Studio Toolkit
Public API/DLL access and extensive control to extract, edit and inject HDR metadata, AVI and VSIF Infoframe. Read SPD, Audio, Vendor Specific and more.
OLED pages

OLED pages

Technical specs

Windows GUI

Windows GUI



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