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: Mediaset: from September 7…

Mediaset: from September 7 encrypted satellite on Rete 4, Canale 5 and Italia 1

Pietro Giordano, Chairman Adiconsum Encryption channels by Mediaset hides dispute with Sky, to the detriment of consumers forced to buy the decoder TIVUSAT and deprived of freedom to choose the most suitable to him broadcasting platform
Adiconsum to AGCOM Mediaset block until there are clear rules

Mediaset: from September 7 encrypted satellite on Rete 4, Canale 5 and Italia 1


Mediaset has announced that from September 7 intends to encrypt their channels on the Sky platform. From that moment on Rete 4, Canale 5 and Italia 1 will be visible only on terrestrial and satellite TIVUSAT.

The decision of Mediaset to encrypt the vision of its channels from Sky bouquet - says Peter Jordan, National President of Adiconsum - harms those users who see the television only via the satellite platform, users, to continue to see the Mediaset channels, will be forced to buy the decoder TIVUSAT, spending money, and not exercising its right to use the transmission technology most like.

The barrier technology deployed by Mediaset - says Jordan - is a throwback that, at the time the band super-fast, always connected smartphones and globalization is not only anachronistic, but it hides something else.

Behind the decision to Mediaset to encrypt their channels actually - says Jordan - there are other reasons, such as no longer wanted to grant free SKY the opportunity to enter the main Mediaset channels in the bouquet of pay TV satellite (4.5 positions and 6). Since the satellite pay-TV platform technology is, however, transmission by satellite, here are cut off all who see television only with the satellite platform.

In a Europe that asks us to have a digital single market also in electronic communication - continues Jordan - the decision of Mediaset is absurd. It is time for the NRA - Jordan continues - to clarify protecting the rights of consumers and television companies. It must be clarified once and for all what and when a television broadcast may be encrypted. The choice of encoding can not be used for competitive reasons or to favor a transmission platform to the detriment of another (satellite versus the terrestrial and vice versa)!

Since encryption is normally used to pay channels or programs for those who have not acquired the rights to broadcast outside the country (for example, sporting events only visible on Earth or on TIVUSAT):

Enough of this anarchy - says Jordan - AGCOM clarify rights and responsibilities of those who manage the bouquets television and who has to pay to be included in the numbering of the bouquet and check the type of criptazioni underway

Adiconsum - concludes Giordano - asks the NRA for the immediate opening of a round table with consumer associations to develop as soon as possible the necessary resolutions to regulate the industry. We ask the NRA to block the decision of Mediaset until there are clear rules.

Source Adiconsum

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