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: Connect your audio system to…

Connect your audio system to your TV wirelessly

In most living rooms, a surround set or separate speaker will be available to improve the TV's sound. But what if you can't position the audio system close to the TV, and don't want to lay any cables?

Connect your audio system to your TV wirelessly

No problem!

Marmitek offers a solution. Today, Marmitek introduces a 5.1 digital wireless audio transmitter; the Audio Anywhere 685!

How does it work?

The transmitter is connected to the digital audio output on your TV, while the receiver is connected to your audio system. Power both of them, and you are all set. The connection is automatically established once the TV is switched on and is disconnected once the TV is switched off. From now on, music and dialogue will come into their own much better on the TV.

Marmitek Audio Anywhere 685 Impression

One of a kind

The Audio Anywhere 685;

Also useful when you

No digital output?

If your TV has no digital output, the Audio Anywhere 625 is the right alternative for you! This is because you connect it to your TV's analogue audio output.

Source Marmitek

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