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Newly Arrived, Full HD Wireless Video Sender supporting 3D and USB!

Now we would like to present the new ebode VLHD38 Full HD Wireless Audio/Video Sender System for HDMI and USB, with 3D support.

Newly Arrived, Full HD Wireless Video Sender supporting 3D and USB!

The VLHD38 is a multi-room AV sender which wirelessly transmits your uncompressed HD videos up to 1080P, from every HD video device to your HD TV (or projector), placed anywhere in your home. It has an operating range up to 60 meters line of sight, even through walls and floors.

Easily connect the VLHD38 Transmitter to your HDMI source and plug the VLHD38 Receiver into your HD TV or projector in the remote location. Very easy to setup and no interference guaranteed.

Download the ebode VLHD38 datasheet for more information. A first batch of the VLHD38 has arrived in our warehouse, RRP € 329,-.

USB Feature

Plug any USB device, such as a keyboard, mouse or game controller into the HDMI Receiver and it will wirelessly send the USB signal to the VLHD38 Transmitter. The VLHD38 is the only HD Audio Video Sender in the world with this feature.

USB Powered

The included USB Power cables, enable you to power the receiver and the transmitter from a USB port of your device (HDTV, Blu-Ray player, Game Console etc.).

IR Wireless Extender Feature

You can also take the remote control from the transmitting Audio/Video source with you into the other room using the in-built IR Remote Control Wireless Extender feature.

Technical Features of the VLHD38

  1. Transmission Distance L.O.S. 60 meters
  2. USB Port available
  3. Latency <100ms
  4. Supports 3D
  5. Supports HDMI1.4A Video/Audio Format & Encrypted video format
  6. Supported Resolution 1080P, 1080I, 720P

Source ebode

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