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Mighty Brighty transforms a wall into a projection screen.

The Mighty Brighty paint creates a perfect screen projection on any smooth surface. With this new concept of the screen you will have an image with better contrast and brightness of the projected image on white wall, because quality is that of a professional screen fixed. In addition you will have no difficulty as in the installation of a conventional screen and remains invisible when not in use.

The implementation of the paint Mighty Brighty is very simple: the pack contains a BaseCoat + ContrastBooster and TopCoat + BrightnessBooster.

The BaseCoat will first pass of paint to form the screen and will also determine the right level of contrast. After the first application you will go to the TopCoat + BrightnessBooster where you determine the level of brightness, the Mighty Brighty offers a gain range from 0.9 up to 1.4 depending on the amount of light that emit the projector.

Also available are MagneBorder that will be placed before the BaseCoat. These boards will increase the contrast perception of images on the screen. Once you finished the job boards will be removed and all you will see is a blank wall or light gray.

Being a paint, Mighty Brighty makes possible the projection in places where it was impossible or very difficult and expensive as for the areas round or circular walls near escalators or corridors, for large surfaces.

Thanks to the Mighty Brighty paint you can get all the screen formats (4: 3, 16: 9, etc.), it is compatible with any type of projector having a high quality result and a projection surface always flat and straight. It can be used in all environments such as offices, schools, bars, home theaters etc. proof of theft, vandalism, easy to clean and with minimal risk of damage.

Mighty Brighty offers a range of products for both the installers, who need larger quantities, that for individuals with basic packages.

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