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: NAD C300 Stereo Amplifier

NAD C300 Stereo Amplifier

NAD C300 Stereo Amplifier

A Closer Look

NAD logoNAD has a formidable reputation when it comes to integrated amplifiers. The NAD 3020, which is widely regarded as a milestone amplifier; the 310 with its unusual circuit topology offering performance at a price not deemed possible and recently the all new C320, which is taking the world by storm, are some examples underscoring this reputation.

The C300 is Erik Edvardsen's latest amplifier design, partly a continuation of the C320 and a redevelopment of the 310. The C300's pre-amp circuit topology is virtually the same as that of the award-winning C320. The C300 uses an entirely MOS-FET output stage.

Although the C300 takes the place of the 310, it can't be viewed as a direct replacement. The superior performance, remote control, component quality make it even better value-for-money than the 310 is, even if it's at a slightly higher price-point.

Easy to Use!

The NAD C300 is remote controlled for the most important functions: Volume and Mute. Flexibility is another NAD strong point. The C300 has seven line inputs (including two tape in/outputs with dubbing facility) so will not run out of inputs easily. The headphone socket will drive virtually any non-electrostatic headphone.

The C300 also has tone controls - very advantageous on those older recordings! However, they only work at the frequency extremes leaving the critical mid-band essentially unaltered. The tone control circuits can be completely bypassed by using the tone defeat switch.

Listening Tests

Our listening tests have not disappointed. This amp works well with a number of our favourite Bookshelf speakers including the Richter Cougar ($399), Revolution RL-61 ($699), Orpheus Aurora 1 ($740).


NAD engineers have again shown the world what mastery they have over the 'budget' end of the market. However, do not be mislead, this amplifier is really good! It will appeal to both students and those who only require lower levels of output power, but who still require something better. With its superb build quality, close-tolerance components and excellent finish, the NAD C300 is an Integrated Stereo Amplifier that Audio Trends believe will provide the music lover with many years of excellent and trouble-free performance. Another NAD 'best buy'.

Source Audio Trends

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